Friday, January 23, 2009


Niko spent a good portion of the day pretending to be the cleaner robot from Wall-E. Ignore the algae in the fish tank, I know it needs to be cleaned but that part is hard to reach. It was just cute watching Niko "clean" everything around the house, and listening to him talk about the movie.
I, on the other hand, spent a good portion of the day clutching my head. I went to doctor at the insistence of the hubby, got a shot in the butt, a prescription, and instructions to: lay off the caffeine, ditch my pillow, do acupressure, and keep a headache log for two weeks. I'm tired of getting headaches almost every day. I'm tired of spending almost every afternoon begging my kids to please shut up because mommy's head hurts. I'd like some relief. And now, per my PA's instructions, I am going to go lay down and give up on the rest of the day.


Baroness of Blah said...

I feel your pain, literally. I've tried keeping headache logs but then I have a good spell and forget. I hope you get some answers and feel better, soon.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Oh I can so relate to the daily headaches!! I get migraines quite often. I hope you feel better soon! Oh, one thing that helped mine is stopping drinking diet coke or anything that contains Aspartane. That stuff is bad news! Dr Oz said it kills neurons in your brain. That was all he had to say to get me to stop!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so crappy. I have had random periods of migraines myself and it's impossible to be 100% when it feels like someone rammed a spike through your head. I hope you feel better soon. Ethan says we need a robot with four arms to help clean around here, is Niko any help? LOL

DarcyLee said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. My mom had bad headaches alot when I was growing up as a result of a car accident she was in when I was a baby. She had a head injury that caused TMJD (Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders). A dentist was able to fix the problem and she has been virtually headache-free since then. Hopefully getting rid of the caffeine will take care of your headaches.