Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cheese Dooooooooooooooooooooooohme.

Dome, sweet dome.

I refurbished the cheese dome this morning. It was a lot easier than I was anticipating. The "tile" inside was like a piece of tin that was glued on with a layer of cork to the middle of the base. I used a small chisel to pry up the edges and pop it off. Goo-Gone and a rag took care of the remaining adhesive and cork bits, but it took about twenty minutes of elbow grease! Then I used some Old English scratch cover for dark woods, and gave it a good polishing. I had intended to paint the base black, but I really like it better in it's natural wood state for now!
All I have to do now is get some cute seasonal dillybobs and whatnots to display under the glass. A trip to the Walmarts may soon be in order!

1 comment:

Baroness of Blah said...

I'm anxious to see where you take this. It's a pretty thing on it's own, now that's you've invested that elbow grease.