Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In the freebies section of Craiglist yesterday, there was an offer for a bag of free boy clothes. I asked what size they were, and upon finding out that they were in the 4-6 range, I was quite happy. Niko's on the verge of growing out of his 3's, and I'm sure he will start off Kindergarten in 4/5's. I met the guy at a local park today (across from a police station with plenty of security cameras) and brought the bag home.

Niko enjoying the park.

I spy!

When we got home, I went through the bag. Only one pair of pants in the whole bag was a 4/5, so I set those aside for Niko to grow into soon. Everything else was size 7-12 - way too big for my petite little guy! However, 3 pairs of the jeans ended up fitting Abbi perfectly! Excellent condition Levis for free? Score. One of my friends is coming over tomorrow to pick up the rest of the stuff for her biggest little guy (she has 3 boys with the oldest turning 7 soon).

Sabrina won this huge lollipop in a class raffle. Can we say sugar rush?

She had fractions homework to do tonight, and was struggling with figuring out what was bigger... 2/3 or 1/2? 5/6 or 7/14? I remembered that I had purchased a set of fraction manipulatives and dug them out. The rest of her assignment went smoothly!


Melissa said...

I would have been so excited to for getting those clothes, then to only find out they weren't the right size:) That happened to me once from Freecycle. At least some of them fit your daughter and you could find someone else to use them so that's always nice. Wow that's a big lollipop! Those fraction manipulations are nice! My daughter just started that she is in 3rd grade. What grade is your daughter in?

elena jane said...

shame about the clothes, but at least you can pass them on. wtg on the fractions :)