Friday, January 2, 2009


Day 1/365.

Last night, I was sitting here typing out a nice post full of wishes for the New Year based on a simple prayer Sabrina offered up at grace at dinnertime. Suddenly, I heard the sound of glass breaking, and a scared wail from Abbi. I rushed in to the kitchen to find blood dripping from her hand! She had been washing the dishes and a glass had fallen and broke, cutting her finger open. We got on shoes and sweaters and I took her to the ER while hubby stayed home with the rest of the kids. Two and a half hours later, we were on our way home with her sporting four stitches and a pressure bandage on her hand to stop the bleeding.
I no longer have the post I had started to write, as apparently my 14y/o son figures he has to close off every window on the computer and log me out of everything before logging himself in to Myspace. Just pretend I had posted some deep thoughts and well wishes, and we'll be okay.
I haven't yet figured out what my New Year's resolutions will be. I have an idea of what they should be, but I haven't decided yet. Probably something along the lines of lose more weight, read more, computer less, blog more, play more, clean more. Lots of mores.And that probably is the best way to simplify things. I wish more for myself, my family, and for you. More blessings, more peace, more love... more.


Amorette said...

oh no! Poor girl...hope she heals fast.

And who needs stinkin' resolutions anyway? lol

bloggin' Chrystal said...

ouchy! What a sweetie to wash the dishes though.