Monday, February 9, 2009


It rained really hard today, off and on. I had just called my dad to tell him that I was getting all of the kids ready to go to the store, and it suddenly seemed like the clouds had just opened up. The rain was roaring down. Thankfully it lightened up when it was time to get in the van, and by the time we came out of WinCo it was pretty clear. We decided to take a break from shopping and have some lunch, and it started pouring even harder. Thunder, lightning, pea-sized hail. The rain stopped and we made it to the second market, then we came home and dropped off the groceries and picked up my Mom to go to the thrift store.

Today turned out to be a good sale at Goodwill. All kids clothing was 99c, except for stuff over $3.99 - that stuff was 50% off. We got a lot of great deals! I got new hooded jackets for Nicholas and Cecilia since theirs were really too small for this year (and it was only 47* today! Plus we're planning on going up to play in the snow next weekend). Now their sleeves actually go all the way down to their wrists! Niko's was $3.50 for a Rothschild jacket and Cecilia's was 99c. The rest of the stuff that I got was also only 99c each: a pink turtleneck for Cecilia, a denim skirt and a corduroy trench coat for Sabrina ("It makes me feel like Nancy Drew!), and 2 sweaters and a pair of fleece Old Navy pants for Abigail. With my mom's senior discount, I spent less than $10.

Here's some more pictures of our snowy mountains after last night's snow fall. The snow level was down to 4000 feet last I heard!

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