Friday, February 20, 2009


I have a head cold. I felt very worn out for most of the day, and pretty much did nothing. I actually fell asleep shortly before the girls were due home, with Niko watching TV next to me... when I woke up, the house was empty. The girls had dropped off their stuff and ran down the street (with Niko) to play without asking for permission. They're very, very grounded. I gave them a long, detailed list of chores that they need to complete before they are ungrounded.

I didn't actually take any pictures today, but here is one that I took yesterday. It's a picture of my candy thermometer. I actually bought it just to hang up in the kitchen as a cool antique, but I find it works better and more reliably than the "new" ones. I've used it multiple times for making everything from fudge to candied walnuts, to the pretzels that I made yesterday.

Do you have a favorite old standby like this? I also use nothing but vintage pyrex bowls for all of my mixing and serving. I started collecting them from thrift stores about 12 years ago, and still pick up ones in my favorite colors and patterns. I just love how durable they are! They were all that my mom used when I was growing up too. I have mostly green and orange bowls, but I also love the amish line.


Gloria said...

Sorry your not feeling well.

I also love my pyrex; I actually have pyrex in purple.

I am thinking you should receive your cookbook by Monday watch for the delivery man.

Baroness of Blah said...

Get well!

I just started buying Pyrex, trying to slowly weed out plastic. I love it! Leftovers look much more dignified in glass, I think.

My favorite kitchen items are my baking stones. Whenever the Navy moves us, I miss them most of all.