Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yeah! We got our ride in! We did a 16+ mile loop from our house, up to the bike trail, down along the river for a while, and then back home. I have now ridden 50 miles on my bike this year!

Hubby made pizza for dinner. BBQ chicken with jalapenos, red onions and cilantro for us, and chicken, cheese, and olives for the kids. On whole wheat crusts.

In the "Deals and Steals" section: Thanks to Jennifer for reminding me the other day to use my Suave coupon before it expired today! I dropped by the store tonight and picked up a big bottle of lotion with it, and also remembered to use my coupon for a free can of Del Monte no-salt-added tomatoes that also expired today.
London Broil is on sale again this week at Stater Brothers, for $1.77/lb. I need to drop by there tomorrow to stock up on beef before heading out to WinCo for the rest of my groceries.
When I went to Vons tonight to get my freebies, I also got a reminder of why I am making the drive out to WinCo for groceries every week. Here's just two price comparisons: Storebrand Chicken Broth. Vons, $1.29 each. Winco, 40c each. Generic spaghetti. Vons, on sale $1.00/lb. Winco, 79c/lb. Those differences sure add up!


Gloria said...

Sadie right now I would give most anything to be able to take a bike ride. Living in Massachusetts the east coast we have snow and ice on the ground right now and the weather man is forecasting that by Monday we will have at least another 12 to 17 inches of snow!

I am so done with this winter......!

I am so jealous to see you in a sleeveless top!

chandra said...

WOW!!! 50 miles is great!! I need to get back to riding my bike again too. BTW!!!!!!!! I received my special package in the mail yesterday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and it matches the green in my room so I think I am gonna have Randy hang it in there for me!! Thank you so much!!

Sarah-Michelle said...

That's awesome you've rode your bike so much!

I'm so sad about the one reminded me...and Kyle and I even went shopping last night. Of course I grabbed it this morning on the way to CVS and realized ONE DAY past the expiration :( SO