Thursday, February 12, 2009


My life is very repetitious. How many blog posts can I write that include such mundane details as doing dishes, doing laundry, running some sort of errand, and picking up the girls from school? Probably a few hundred.

Today I did laundry, did dishes, took one of my Dad's dogs to the vet for his shots, picked up the girls, went to the store because I had forgotten to buy lentils on Monday, made dinner, and collapsed on the couch.

Shannon insisted that I never include stuff like this on my blog, so just to prove her wrong, here's what Niko did today. He tried to make a deal - if he picked up 10 toys in the living room, could he please play on the computer. He said he wanted to play the "register game". When I finally deciphered what he was talking about, I realized that he was asking to play a slot machine game he'd seen me play on Facebook last week. That request, by the way, was denied.

The spring semester starts the week of the 23rd. Instead of taking 15 units (6 classes) like I did in the fall, I am taking it easy and only taking 9 units (2 classes). Hubby and I are taking the next level online accounting course together, and then I am also taking an on-campus English class. I have been trying for years to actually get into an English class (that would fit with my schedule), and this is the first semester that I made it in. It is the single most in demand course on the entire campus, as it one that everyone is required to take. Hubby's other class is an advanced C++ programming course. We're slowly making progress!

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