Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hubby told me to take it easy today. He said that I was too wiped out when he got home yesterday and didn't like seeing me like that... so I only did dishes around the house today! I went to the thrift store this morning with Niko, then when we got home I had to take my mom to pay her cable bill. Then she twisted my arm and talked me into taking her and all the kids to another thrift store.

I found a lot of great stuff!
First stop this morning, I got (for $19 total): 3 shirts for Abigail (2 Cherokee, one Limited too), 3 shirts for Cecilia (a tinkerbell with attached hoodie shrug, OshKosh, and some other brand), brand-new brown boots for Cecilia (score!!), and a pillowcase that I am going to make into a dress for Cecilia (really cute dainty floral print!). Then at the 2nd store, for $9: 2 more shirts for Abigail, black boots for Abigail, and a milk glass vase. And Cecilia bought herself a pair of jeans for $2. There goes all the money I got from recycling yesterday!


Baroness of Blah said...

Jealous of all the great thrift stores and your finds. :)

Dani said...

Awesome thrift store finds!! I have to go to one of ours to get some dress up clothes for Lilli's party!

Melissa said...

Wow you did get some great deals!! I hope you are feeling better today.

Gloria said...

Awesome bargains...I love getting new stuff thrift stores.

Sadie, My grandparents helped raise my brother and I mom was 17 when she had me and 15 when she had my brother...I was so confused when I was little because everyone referred to my grandmother as "Your Mother" they just assumed she was because she was so young even though a grandmother. Anyway, family doesn't always have to be biological...Tom and the kids are my family and like you I made the family I had a priority.

I very proud of you young wives and mother who are raising kids and trying to be frugual...I am so impressed...I brag about you frugal ladies to my friends all the time.......!!!