Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am so very close to running out of the variegated yarn before completing this round, so I actually ripped it all the way out to the color change and am trying to crochet a bit tighter in hopes of stretching that yarn out to it's very last inch. I'm not going to be a happy camper if I can't get this round completed before switching to pink for the rest of the blanket. I'm at about 24" square right now.

Hubby got his hair cut today, and unfortunately the barber (barberess?) didn't hear him right. He asked for a #2 on the sides and back, indicating that he wanted her to use the clippers there, and scissors for the top. Instead, she buzzed him with a #2 all over. It was a bit shocking when he walked in the house with his hair cut so short... I don't think I've ever seen it that short! I guess tomorrow I will buzz Niko's hair so he can match Daddy. Hubby already told me to go to The Children's Place and get him a little pair of aviator sunglasses so they can take a picture together.

I do have to say... we all love the feeling of a freshly shaved head!

The weekly grocery shopping was completed today, so I'll be posting our menu for the week tomorrow. I will only be trying one new recipe this week, and that's a cream cheese dip from Chris @ Notes From the Trenches. It sounded like a very yummy, special after school treat for the kiddos. They're always so ravenous when they get home, and the same old offerings of crackers and popcorn get boring pretty quick.

I did make banana muffins yesterday based on this recipe, but made a few changes. I used half AP flour and half whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup flax meal, and added some chopped macadamia nuts too. I cooked them in a regular sized muffin tin for about 30 minutes, and it made an even dozen. They were a big hit and I'll be making them again this week.

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Lazy Sock Puppet said...

Ohhh, we have some bananas ripe and ready for bread. I have a LOT of flax I need to use. I'll try this with your variations.