Friday, February 13, 2009


I did do a lot of errand running today, but I'm not going to focus on that right now. I am not going to tell you that I went to DD's Discounts, Joann's, WalMart, Walgreens, and the dry cleaners. I am going to tell you that I found some adorable fabric in the clearance section at Joann's, and made this sweet little skirt for Cecilia. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

That is $1.75 worth of fabric, a bit of thread, and about 50c worth of no-fold elastic!

Oh, and here's one of the sandwiches that I made for the girls this morning. I "painted" one slice of bread with food coloring and milk, and toasted it. Then I used a small heart-shaped canape plunger to press out hearts, flipped the sandwich over, and inserted the heart into the plain toasted side. I also included a sweet little printed vintage valentine in each of their lunches (and one in hubby's lunch too!).

Sorry about the dark inside pictures... it's raining like crazy!!


Anonymous said...

Man, you got way more creative than I did...I bought pre-cut sugar cookie dough. But, I did use a coupon...haha

Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

The skirt is adorable!
I am such a bad mom - nothing creative here for lunch today. Maybe I can make up for it tomorrow?

Sadie said...

I'm making homemade soft pretzels tomorrow, in heart shapes! :)

A Frugal Friend said...

Too cute and orginal too!