Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I started my day off with another lovely headache, but as the day wore on and my sinuses cleared up (and with the help of some ibuprofen) it seemed to ease off. I managed to get to Quizno's and get my free sandwich... a Turkey Swiss Ranch. Yum!

Since the rest of this week's dinners require boiling and prepping a 10 pound bag of frozen chicken leg quarters, and I knew I wouldn't have time to really deal with that this afternoon, I made the executive decision to change the menu! Tonight we had egg salad sandwiches and carrot sticks. I'll deal with the chicken tomorrow!

When the girls got home from school, we headed down to the mall. I wanted to get Niko a muscle shirt (tank top) and a pair of aviators (sunglasses) so he could match his Daddy (I shaved his head today!). I had a $5 off $5 coupon for JCPenney so I figured we would start there. I did not find a single tank top for him... the closest they had were toddlers 2 piece sets with a tank and matching shorts. He doesn't need more shorts. He probably has a dozen pair of shorts, if not more!

I decided to look through the boys underwear section since he has been obsessed with boxers lately. I have been putting off buying any for him since briefs are so much cheaper, and I just have a hard time paying $3-4 each for underwear. I don't even spend that much on my own! I had even been looking online this morning for free patterns/tutorials to sew him some boxers. Those are not easy to find, but just in case you're looking too, here is what I found:
Boy's Boxers Pattern and Instructions and Baby Boy's Brief Pattern and Instructions
Imagine my surprise when I found packs of boxers marked down to $1.97 from $10.99! And they were "bonus packs" with 4 pair for the price of 3. Using the $5 off coupon, I managed to buy him 16 pairs of boxers for $3 and change! They had more packets of them, but I figured that should be enough to cover his butt for quite a while.
nikoboxers Here he is holding up one of the four packs. They're a little big on him for now, but he's still very excited. He was running up to strangers in the mall and telling them, "I've got BOXERS now!"

After we left JCPenney, we walked down to The Children's Place to get him his new sunglasses. Cecilia decided that she wanted to spend some of her birthday money and purchased a pair of sunglasses, 2 pairs of flip-flops, a cute embroidered belt, and a baseball cap.

We walked through the Disney Store and didn't find anything that really grabbed my attention, and then the girls insisted on checking out Limited Too (now known as Justice). Sabrina fell in love with this tank top and borrowed a little bit from me to be able to buy it. She's so very, very excited because it has a "built-in cami bra". My itty bitty ten year old is feeling so very grown up because of that.

From there, we speed walked our way down to Sears, with my fingers crossed that we would be able to find Niko a tank top there. Again, I came up empty. I guess I am going to have to check Walmart, Target, or Old Navy when I get a chance. They did have some uniform clothes in the middle of the aisle on clearance. It is one of my pet peeves that uniform clothes are considered seasonal and only sold in the late summer/early fall for Back to School shopping. My kids are messy! Their uniform stuff gets ripped or stained, and I end up having a hard time finding replacements or just making them wear the stained stuff (hey, if they get marker or paint on it at school, well, they're going to have to wear it to school again, tough cookies!). Since the clearanced stuff was leftovers from the fall that they were trying to get rid of, the sizes and styles were very limited... but I did manage to find 3 uniform polos for Abigail, and a pair of khaki pants and a navy sweater for Cecilia... for $1.99 each!

All of that bargain shopping done, we made it home just in time for me to serve up the sandwiches and carrot sticks for dinner. Hubby and I hopped in the car and made it to campus on time for our mandatory meeting for our online accounting class that we are taking this semester. When the professor got to our names on the roll, she stopped and asked if we were related since our last name is not very common. She thought it was cool that we are taking the class together, as her and her husband took a graduate class together. I like that we can keep each other on task. My next class is on Friday, but it is not online unfortunately. It's an on campus class from 8am-noon every Friday.

I'll sign off with picture of Niko and the hubs in their "matching" hair cuts and sunglasses...


Sarah-Michelle said...

Looks like you had a very successful day shopping. I love the pics of Niko with his shades, he's a "cool dude" as Elliot would say... lol

Shannon said...

u..........changed..........the menu?!
u can DO THAT?
i hate u
how do u find these deals
16 pairs of boxers for $3
thats just ridiculous
those glasses and that hair is cute
ooo sabrina is a fashionista!
very retro

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow JcPenney deal finder..got like 10 pairs of jeans for the various kids for $18 once..gotta love that.

And for the record.. I am so not happy at how big Spoo is!