Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

I just got back from the grocery store. This week's dinners will be:

Tortellini soup with shredded chicken (no spinach, add one diced zucchini)
Tuna casserole with peas
Broiled parmesan tilapia with rice and green beans
BBQ Chicken with Mom's Country Fried Potatoes

Breakfast will include:
Bulk "Lucky Charms" aka Happy Shapes cereal
Bulk fruit and nut granola over vanilla yogurt
Bulk blueberry bagels for the hubby
Homemade banana muffins with flaxseed

Ham sandwiches on wheat bread
Fruit (applesauce + choice of apple or banana)
Juice box
Sweet & Salty peanut butter nut bars
Bulk Sesame snack mix for hubby

1 comment:

Bernadette said...

I like the menu for the week!