Thursday, February 19, 2009


I found this fun blog yesterday, The Story of a Princess and Her Hair. She does cool step-by-step photo AND video tutorials on how to make some really cute hairstyles for little girls. I've kind of been slacking lately with the cute hairstyles and bows, so this really inspired me to spend a little more time on their hair than a minute of brushing and slapping on a headband. Here's Ceci's hair this morning before school:

As soon as I started making the first row of little ponies, she started whining and stomping her feet that she hated it and that I was making her look like a water fountain. Once I got done she loved it of course, and said it was like a princess crown. She's a challenge.

I also finally got around to making these Homemade Soft Pretzels. They turned out awesome! Cecilia had fun helping me roll them out.

I sprinkled half with kosher salt, and half with cinnamon sugar. We made 15 of them, and have 8 in the freezer to eat later.

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chandra said...

The hair looks so pretty!! Momo doesn't like her hair done. She is a challenge too! The pretzles look yummy!