Sunday, February 15, 2009


I started a "wool-eater" blanket today, and am really enjoying the pattern. I wanted to use up some leftover acrylic (that's oh, about 15+ years old now), so that is the purple and the variegated yarns. I picked up some "soft raspberry" Red Heart to add a 3rd color to the blanket. Abigail has already claimed ownership of it because of the purples in it.

I can totally see this in a lot of pretty colorways and would like to make more. I'd also like to try it in some really soft baby yarn, or at least some Simply Soft as this scratchier Wintuk and Red Heart yarn really does a number on my hands!


chandra said...

Oh that is pretty!!!!

Dani said...

That is really pretty! I love purple..and I love varigated yarn even more!

Bernadette said...

I like that one! I used to know how to do things like that but can't remember for the life of me now!