Thursday, February 26, 2009


My day got off to a slow start. I bagged up the chicken broth from all the chicken I boiled up last night... I ended up with 6 days worth of shredded chicken, and 26 cups of chicken broth. Tonight's dinner was Chicken Burritos (shredded chicken, sour cream, pinto beans, shredded lettuce, grated cheese, and salsa).
I did go get my free sandwich from Arby's, and then came home and played Wii with Niko until it was time to go pick up Cecilia.

Since today was Thursday, Sabrina and Abigail both stayed an hour later for their GATE programs. The littles and I walked to Walgreens to pick up the free prints I ordered last week, and I let them each choose a candy (Valentine's mark down, 75% off). The manager was buying a pack of cookies and gave each of them one (those little individually packed wafer cookies.)
We found a little grasshopper by the sidewalk and they had fun poking gently at his legs to make him hop around and eventually fly off. They also found some seed pods off a tree and were shaking them around like maracas. Cecilia collected a whole handful of them to take to her teacher tomorrow.
We walked back home, gave a bunch of the prints to my mom for her photo album, and then walked back to the school to pick up the other two girls. We came home and had our snack, and they started on their homework. That bit of walking added up to 2 miles! When Hubby got home, we managed to squeeze in a 7 mile ride before dinner. I'm pooped.

Now, for the big news of today. Back in January, Ree at The Pioneer Woman posted a blog about how she and Marlboro Man would be sponsoring a set number of children over the age of 16 through Compassion, and were looking for people who would be interested in picking up the correspondence end for these children. I jumped at the opportunity because I have wanted to sponsor a child for a long time, but it just never seemed to fit in well with our financial picture, and I didn't want to slack off on a child like that. Letter writing and birthday cards I can handle! I got the Welcome packet in the mail today and the new addition to our now very extended family is Intan, an 18 year old girl living in Indonesia. Please take a moment to say a prayer for Intan, and her family. If you have any words of wisdom or a favorite verse for me to pass on to her in our introduction letter, please feel free to share it!


chandra said...

That is very cool about the new addition to your extended family!! That is a neat way to have people involved!

Kristi said...

wonderful! we are on our second sponsored child and the kids lover it as well as I do.