Friday, February 27, 2009


My English class started this morning. I don't have much to say about it yet, since the hour and a half we were there was pretty much just filled with attendance and wait lists and adds. I do have an assignment due next week... I have to write at least a one page autobiography introducing myself to the class. We are also supposed to read two short stories from the text book. It's been a very long time since I took a writing class, so I hope that I do well in it.

When I got home from school, I did not get to collapse on the couch as I had planned. One of the limbs on my Dad's lemon tree had broke under the weight of hundreds of lemons, so we had to spend about two hours cutting off branches and removing as many ripe lemons as we could so that more branches didn't break. The branch that broke was about six inches in diameter to give you an idea of how heavy the branch had to have been! We filled two wheelbarrows to overflowing with lemons, boxed them up, and set them on the curb. They were all gone within an hour.

I finished a second preemie hat for this month. It was a super simple one that I just worked on for a minute or two here and there while waiting for programs to load and such. It's just rows of BLO double crochet, with a pompom on top.
Preemie Hat #2

Here are the three hats that I have made so far this year:
3 little bitty hats

Why is it that little boys always have such gorgeous lashes??
Killer eyelashes

He makes mine look so puny:

Our plans for the weekend include buying textbooks, going on a 16-mile ride, making homemade pizza, and bribing the teenager to mow the lawn.


Kristi said...

My two year old boy gets comments about his gorgeous lashes all the time

chandra said...

AAHHH....little boy eyelashes....I know just what you mean. The hats are so cute!! Is that last one you did the same pattern you showed me before?